Complimentary/Harmonious Colors



Using the color wheel, and if I got this right, this gallery should have a bit of harmonious flow to it…(click on the pictures for a better view)…

Yes, no, maybe so?

What I learned this week:

I understand why using harmonious colors would be beneficial. They can either make your subject stand out more or blend in (like the wheat stalks vs the fish). They definitely make things more appealing to your eyes. I keep thinking about my “fashion sense” (or lack of). Or creating food dishes that makes your mouth water when you see it (think melted cheddar cheese and tomatoes). Or placing the photos on my wall in a different pattern, less of a mish mash, more harmonious.

I wanted to include this picture too.


The floral arrangement itself is a real beauty. Just look how they placed the flowers beside eachother, blending the lighter and darker hues together so it flows together, so they compliment eachother. And then to place it on a table with the Carribean Sea as the backdrop…the result is a mixture of art, design, and beauty.

For Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge: Complimentary Colors



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