Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge:#15 Cropping Tips

Honestly, I thought this challenge would be easy peasy. I spent the better part of last week snapping photos here and there and came home only to find they weren’t really that great. I went into my archives and pulled out these two:

It was difficult to decide what I actually wanted and could keep in the picture. The more I tried to crop, the less definition I seemed to have…

Here are two I took this week:

did learn a lot these last two weeks. Fiddled with the settings on my camera a bit, played with the fine and digital zoom options. One thing to note is that it is winter, and the earlier you are out to take the pictures, the better they will be (more light, less grainy). And snapping miscellaneous pictures, hoping to just crop out the crap, just doesn’t work.

Thank you for the lesson 🙂

For Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge #15: Cropping tips


9 thoughts on “Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge:#15 Cropping Tips

  1. You are right, just shooting generically and hope you can crop out the junk and make a photo of it doesn’t help much. Cropping is all about making a good photo even better. Composition in general is all about taking a good photo. Wonderful photos and observations this week.

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